Move over Dexter, Lost and Sex and the City DVD marathons. I have a new addiction, TED Talks. For those out of the loop, TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design – it is an annual conference of world leaders in the fields of … just about everything, from Bill Gates to Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat Pray Love), oceanic explorers to space explorers, world-famous artists and dancers to mathematicians, they have it all. They give every invited guest 18 minutes to wow the world with some great insight or idea or performace. The event takes place once a year in the US and every 2 years globally, but in the spirit of democracy, the talks are all uploaded and posted for everyone to see on the wild, wide world of the WWW. Instead of watching more somewhat irrelevant TV tonight, pull up a chair to your laptop and check out some of these talks. I guarantee you will leave with a lot more energy and ideas in your head than watching just about anything on TV. (By the way, I am an official TV-hater. and yes, I work in marketing. go figure!)