Author: Luca Cremonini

 I am going to be honest here. Until about a week ago, I had no idea what the heck everyone was talking about with this “web 2.0” stuff.  I think these terms must have seeped into mainstream vocabulary when I was fully concentrated on understanding Mexican culture and later exploring SE Asia. Apparently while I was busy navigating foreign cultures, a whole new online sub-culture was evolving and growing up all around me. Sure, I have not been totally unaware of the “WorldWide Web” – Years ago I created a now retired online course on Urban Geography, authored blogs, joined Facebook and LinkedInin 2007, but I never really entered into this new micro-culture of trendsetting online players. Until now.

You see, I believe it is a must in our hyper-speed evolving world to keep up with technology and continue learning, challenging ourselves and expanding our vistas. Take my mom, for example, in her late 50’s, with very limited experience in the online world, she has embarked on a Masters program online! Now that is challenging. But without the internet, she would not be able to continue living and working in her small town, while getting a masters at the same time. To me, it is proof of how the internet really can lead to a major shift in quality of life.

So, with many ideas in my head and increased internal pressure to create, contribute and re-enter the machine, I decided to start a new blog, attempt number 3, to be exact. I wanted this one to be different, more professional, more serious, more inspiring. I decided to use WordPress instead of Blogger as my blog platform, thinking I needed a more sophisticatedplatform. Only when I had already signed up did I realize it was just possibly out of my online league. Which brings us to the inspiration (and need) for my Personal Ethnography of Web 2.0, so I can really understand the meaning of a widget, CSS, RSS, the difference between a tag and a cagetory … but most importantly, how to incorporate this technology and information into my everyday life in a meaningful, efficient way … which I am finding to be the trickiest part of all.

I define Ethnography as a scientific, anthropological study of a specific culture, focusing on understanding the meaning associated with commonly used words and interactions among members of the culture, from their perspective. I will conduct my ethnography through Participant Observation, through this blog and other online interactions, constantly observing, questioning and recording all the lingo, references, humor, news, etc. in an effort to decode and understand them.  

So here I go on my endeavor. I plan to share my observations and findings on this blog. For those who are a little behind the times like I am, I hope my discoveries can brighten up your LCD screen as well!