Ofrenda Museo de Oro Colombia

Ofrenda Museo de Oro Colombia

Why is it that we tend to only visit museums when we are “touring” a city or on vacation? Living in Mexico City, a city full of museums, I find I tend to go only when I have visitors from out of town, which is a total shame because there are so many things to learn and get inspired by in a museum. On my recent trip to Colombia I had the time and dedication to visit many museums – in Bogota, Medellin and Cartegena. One of my favorite museums was the Museo de Oro en Bogota, one of the nicest curated museums I  have seen in a long time. I even started taking notes as I strolled through, from little snippits of ideas and images that inspired me. One fascinating part was the explanation for the different shades of gold and how the native cultures created these different colors to mean different things. I started thinking more about this and wanted to share some ideas. 


GOLDS: Signifies Sun, Power, Semen (male)
Think of the force of the energy that brings light and life

GREENS: Represent Regeneration, Flowering, Growth
Think of the cycle of life, nature, balance

REDS: Mean Blood, Heat, Transformation
Think of fire, and the blood that flows through us

BLUES: Refer to Water, Calm, Cool (Female)
Think of the liquid on the planet and found within us

It is fascinating to think of the symbolism of all the colors we chose to wear and surround ourselves with … what energies do they bring? I have once heard of wearing red underwear to interviews to give one strength/energy. What about gold jewelry for power, silver for calm? I once had a family debate over a bedspread … apparently warm colored bedspreads (reds, oranges, golds, yellows) bring passion to the bedroom, while cool colors (like blues, greens, whites) might contribute to a less-than-romantic energy in the room. What color is your bedspread?