Procrastinating on the Beach

Procrastinating on the Beach

“Why wait for tomorrow to do what you can do today?” he emphatically asks (tells) me.
Because I like to procrastinate, I respond, in the most confident voice I can feign.

But inside, I wonder, why do I procrastinate? Of course, logically it makes sense to not wait for tomorrow to do what you can do today … but for the life of me, I cannot possibly seem to do that. Maybe its because today I can always think of a million other worthwhile tasks other than what I should be doing for tomorrow …

Or perhaps it’s that I am addicted to the pressure of not having enough time. Fascinated by the stress of knowing I could have done the work earlier and in a more relaxed manner but that it just would not have been as intense, exciting, nerve-wracking …

And sometimes I think I work better under the  pressure that results from procrastination. I seem to work faster, more efficiently, and perhaps, just perhaps, smarter?

And the big question I am dying to know the answer to:  Is procrastination a cultural trait or personal trait? Why do we do it? Is it something that should go away with age? Or am I just a born-and-raised procrastinator, just like my “late arrival” issue. A response? Anyone?