Why México? I ask myself that question frequently. After living in Mexico City for a year and a half, then leaving for half a year, somehow I found myself back in the arms of this crazy, crowded, intense cuidad principal. And I am not exactly sure how it happened or why.

So this blog is about answering that question. As a researcher, I find I learn most when I have a mission. Now my mission is to try to decode and understand and explore and question the goings-on around me in Mexico City. I will explore urban life, culture, social movements, daily occurrences and throw in a little anthro buzz to round it out. And hopefully at the end of all this, my experiment in Urban Cultural Exploration will serve to answer some of my questions and open my mind to new possibilities.


2 Responses to “Porqué México?”

  1. joanne solomon Says:

    I found you on line through Solutions Abroad….
    I am putting together a reading/story telling night here in DF…
    would love you to be a part of it..It starts Thursday night…
    in Condesa…
    I’d love to give you the details…

  2. kevin Says:

    i’ll join once i get down there again from jersey in may.

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